Words from our clients

Fivethousand Fingers placed great care into grasping the essence of our product, and they worked in synergy with us to develop a unique brand persona that aligns beautifully with our message and objectives. The aesthetic they crafted is sublime, and the customer response has been outstanding.

—Jerry Compere, Owner, Fous de L’Île Kombucha

Fivethousand Fingers worked with us from the beginning to develop a cohesive brand identity that matched our products and communicated our values. They helped me articulate the fundamental principles of my brand and developed a unique visual feeling for it.

Over the last few years Fivethousand Fingers has become an essential part of our team. They consistently design beautiful labels and promotional materials that fit our brand and they continue to surprise us with their creativity and originality. We have come to depend on Lexane and Eli for their talent, their taste and their good judgement.

—Ben Coli, Owner, Dageraad Brewing

After interviewing several design studios I decided to work with Fivethousand Fingers mainly due to one factor: they made a resounding first impression. We discussed how design could facilitate the goals of my project instead of a reiteration of their client list and portfolio. They were passionate about the projects they undertook and were enthusiastic about the conceptual frameworks my writing explored.

I could not be any happier than I am with Black Visual Archive and am constantly reminded of the site’s beauty and function several times a week as I see documentation of the site and collateral appear in my tumblr feed. Eli and Lexane were able to create something I could only vaguely describe yet never imagine.

—Meg Onli, Founder, Black Visual Archive

Fivethousand Fingers was indispensable in creating and building the Dodge & Burn brand, which is known and loved by photographers worldwide. They provided superior artwork as well as product, web and brand development services.

More importantly, Eli was always ready with well-informed advice, guidance and even dissent (somebody’s got to stop you when you’re about to goof up) on branding and other business matters. As the Founder and CEO of Dodge & Burn, I relied on Eli’s input on some of the most important decisions made while building the company. Eli and his team have a level of competency and professionalism that simply blows away other agencies I have worked with.

—Ted Rybakowski, Founder and CEO, Dodge & Burn

Fivethousand Fingers worked from day one to understand what I really wanted to create with my project. Not only did they work to understand my vision, but they also helped to shape my brand and restaurant space into a comprehensive, coherent concept in which all design elements reinforce each other.

Fivethousand Fingers genuinely cared about the realization of their design, and worked tirelessly to make sure they got things right, from the conceptual stages all the way to implementation. Not only are they dedicated and easy to work with, but the quality and originality of their work speaks for itself.

—Nate Coli,  Owner, Tangent Café